John Duthie at The Abbey by Duthie Dental

The Abbey and Duthie Dental embrace a 'Holistic' and 'Preventative' ethos.

The mouth is " a window on the body" and many oral conditions link with medical conditions.

Dentistry tends to raise anxieties in many patients and by empathising with this and all working to reduce this we can improve the general health of patients as well as their oral health.

Our hygienists and dental surgeons are develpoing their skills in treating patients using hyposis skills under the direction of Mr Duthie to ensure a fully integrated service.

Your Initial Consultation

Patients are encouraged to attend one of the free, small  group seminars to see if using therapeutic hypnosis is something which appeals to them.
If you decide you are interested, an Initial Consultation will be arranged with Mr Duthie. This will last about an hour and Mr Duthie will decide if he feels he can help you. A treatment plan and time schedule will be explained to you. The cost of this consultation and plan is £80.00 unless you are a Denplan Patient of the practice.
If Mr Duthie feels that hypnotherapy at the practice is not indicated; there will NOT be a charge for this consultation.
If he decides to refer you instead, there will be a charge for the referral and report.

Mr John Duthie (Senior)


Fees are payable at the time of appointment and should be made at the Practice by card or cash.


Routine patient appointments tend tend to be on Fridays  but other times can be arranged. Mr Duthie is versatile time wise but we require the clinical floor space. All attendances  are by appointment only.

Mr John Duthie ( Senior ) experience and qualifications

    1. Dental Surgery
      Qualified in 1974, awarded MGDS;RCS in 1985. Became a Royal College of Surgeons Examiner  and worked in both the Hosiptal and University services. Treated medically compromised and nervous patients utilising hypnosis, sedation and general anaesthetic. This wide range of skills developed into 'The Holistic Approach'.
    2. Hypnosis
      Mr Duthie trained under a Professor who wrote a definitve text book on pain and on his advice did his first postgraduate training in Medical and Dental Hypnosis in 1976. He tended to use these skills 'informally' throughout his career. He has just completed refresher training to become registered as a Hypnotherapist on the National Hypnotherapy Society Register as well as continuing as a Member of the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis which is restricted to Healthcare Professionals. Mr Duthie is an assisting tutor on the Foundation Training courses to train doctors, anaesthetists  and dentists.
    3. Limitations of Practice.
      Mr Duthie will be restricting his activities to areas associated with his expertise and experience. Patients will need to have referrals from their General Medical or Dental practitioner to ensure integrated care.

    4. ETHICS
      Mr Duthie practises in accordance with the Ethical Code of The National Hypnotherpay Society which can be found on their website. He meets regularly for postgraduate meetings and meets with  a 'supervisor' you discuss cases in accordance with the rules of the Society. He agrees to abide by their independent complaints procedure should this ever be necessary.