The Scientific Holistic Approach

utilising the 'mind / body' connection.


The mind / body connections affects all systems. 

In the image below, above the horizon you can see the conditions which present as disease.

Below the surface of the are the invisible systems at work which interact to cause the disease.

The 'Holistic Approach' is about allowing the body to heal itself and use medicine and surgery to supplement it.

Mr Duthie is a Member of the British Society for Clinical and Academic Hypnosis.

His Royal Society of Medicine Elliotson Prize essay submission can be read here.

A video playlist of 'tasters' from his Continuing Development Meetings can be accessed here.

FINDING OUT ABOUT....... The Therapeutic use of Hypnosis at The Abbey by Duthie Dental

Mr Duthie provides a series of presentations with the following titles:-

1. A General Introduction to Hypnosis. How can hypnotherapy help and What conditions can hypnotherapy help with ?........This is a broad introduction to the subject.

2. 'Sedation without Medication'. How Using 'focused attention' or 'self-hypnosis' to better cope with medical and dental procedures.

3.  Insomnia ( sleep disturbance ) and its relation to medical conditions; with reference to Type II Diabetes and weight control.

4.  'Dental Anxieties' - coping strategies. At The Oral Health Practice the teams have been trained in treating patients using self hypnosis as part of their 'Holistic Approach'.

5.  Diabetes Type 2, dietary compliance, strategies for blood sugar and weight control......... ( How did I end up with this condition and what do I do now  ? )